Prices shown include chef services and food costs! May vary based on group size.

Toronto's favoriteRecipes Customizable /Chicken/ Fish/ Veal

DINNERS : (All our dinners include choice of soup or salad, main course, rolls and butter, dessert.(Starter can be added.) Table setting for dinner with white linen, extra cutlery, extra glassware and shaving dishes or platters or extra china are not provided and at a aditional cost if needed additional charges will be applied with final quotes) clean up free of charge unless specified for larger parties

2or more guests required.

Choice in Soups:

1.Potato and leek soup.

2.Cream of broccoli.

3.Maple cream sweet potato soup

4.Mushroom soup.

5.Vegetable broth with julienne vegetables and a dash of sherry.

6.Mediterranean roasted vegetable soup.

7.Lobster Bisque


1.Pacific salmon encrusted with herbs (Salmon filet) encrusted with herbs and a cream dill sauce served with basmati rice and grilled vegetables.

2.Baked halibut with a zesty mango salsa) Grilled halibut filet served on a bed of saffron rice garnished with grilled peppers and onion, with a sprig of rosemary

3.Atlantic salmon filet) Choice of batter Or herb rubbed blackened fish or Salmon Filet with a lime and mango salsas or other wrapped in prosciutto served with baked baby potatoes, tossed in herbs and olive oil and a medley of marinated Shrimps,peppers and fresh asparagus.

Choice in Salads:

1.Mixed greens with seasonal vegetables with Italian dressing.

2.Greek salad with tomato, cucumber, Kalamata olives, green peppers, red onion and feta.

3.Caesar salad with garlic croutons, curls of Parmesan cheese and creamy Caesar dressing.

4.Baby spinach with roasted pine nuts and mango with a home made vinaigrette.​

5.Baby spinach, bocconcini and baby Italian tomato salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

CHICKEN (Pollo Principessa Or Fruit Glazed Chutneys)

1.Breast of chicken stuffed with asparagus, roasted pimento and smoked Gruyere, topped with a peppercorn sauce.(Apple Dijon Chicken)( or Glazed Cranberry or Bone Suffed Chickens)

2.Boneless skin breast of chicken sautéed with mushrooms and apples in white wine cream sauce Dijon and fresh thyme ,white cheese sauces demi glaze or peppercorn sauces available.(Bone in chickens are brased with the finest fresh herbes fresh homemade cranberry sauces or homemade chutney from the finest fruits)

3.Bone in chicken stuffed with fresh spinich asiago cheese fresh ham wrapped with prosciutto choice of gravys the finest choice of gravy's from GibeauChef services or provide me your own custom menued stuffed chicken recipes.

Stuffed Pork or Tenderloin)

1.Pork tenderloin stuffed with apricots, prunes and herb stuffing, with a port glaze.Served with roasted sweet potato wedges and fresh vegetables.

2.Filet of pork tenderloin ,Seared marinated filet of pork tenderloin with a Guinness cream sauce,served on a bed of garlic and Parmesan mashed potato and fresh vegetables.


1.Veal Marcella Picatta^Lemon Herb Butter.

2.Veal medallions lightly floured and seasoned in a delicate white wine and lemon butter sauce with capers,served with green beans, roasted peppers and baby roasted potatoes, tossed in sea salt and rosemary.

3.Veal medallions dinners served with mango, curry and cashews.Medallions of veal simmered in a delicate mango curry reduction with roasted cashews,served with a curry basmati with turmeric and baby root vegetables or choice .

4.Saltimbocca alla Romana Sauteed veal cutlets topped with prosciutto and sage, served on a bed of sweet potato mash and seasonal mixed vegetable bouquet.


Served all with choices with an exotic garlic cilantro lime sauce Dill,Mushroom and more.

Served with roasted fresh herb round potatoes and baby glazed carrots.and broccolini or more

Served with grilled peppers, asparagus and rice pilaf or more.

Served on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes and fresh mixed vegetables,with garlic red skin mashed potato and medley of vegetables or more

Served with Parmesan mashed potatoes with glazed baby carrots and asparagus sautéed in lemon butter or more.

These are just basic menus and side dishes to help you get going.They all can be customized and more options available can be customized to anything you like from gibeauchefservices home chef service,"looking for more selections "? I'll be happy to meet you to design your

custom menu of your choice)


New York style cheesecake with fruit topping.

Pecan pie served with bourbon chocolate sauce.

Mango, passion fruit and raspberry sorbetto in white chocolate, served with fresh fruit and raspberry coulis

Vanilla and chocolate gelato covered with dark chocolate, served with strawberry coulis and fresh fruit

Chocolate gelato on a chocolate cookie, topped with caramel, pralines, coated in chocolate,

served with a carame