Prices shown include chef services and food costs! May vary based on group size.

Recipe is at your table (Customizable MenuAAA Beef Dinners

DINNERS : (All our dinners include choice of soup or salad, main course, rolls and butter, dessert.(Starter can be added.) Table setting for dinner with white linen, extra cutlery, extra glassware and shaving dishes or platters or extra china are not provided and at a aditional cost, if needed additional charges will be applied with final quote clean up free of charge unless specifyed for larger parties more than 4pl

Party price per plate starting at 2 people price per plate.


1Seared scallops with leeks and lemon chili butter

2.Tiger shrimps marinated with cilantro and lime on bamboo skewers served with a spicy curry tomato sauce.

Pate served on a bed of small mixed greens with a herbed crostini ,garnished with a cranberry chutney.

Fried ravioli encrusted with oregano, rosemary and thyme on a bed of fresh greens,drizzled with a spicy marinara sauce.

Smoked Atlantic salmon salad with a rosette of dill cream cheese,served with a herb tuile, lemon and capers..

1.Prime Rib Au Jus. 10pl or more.

Triple “A” Alberta beef, seasoned and roasted to perfection, served with beef drippings roasted potatoes,Gravy Mashed Or Baked roasted potatos choiced and mixed fresh vegetable choice.

2.Filet Mignon or other AAA Meats lamb Etc (prices may vary lower or higher depending on price in fluctuation pricing.

Crusted Lamb Shanks or Filet of AAA beef or tenderloin with demi-glace served choices in mushroom and demi sauces or peppercorn or fruit chutney served with grilled asparagus, peppers and roasted potatoes or mashed .

Roulade of beef Seasoned beef flank steak stuffed and rolled with blue cheese and wild mushroom or stuff to your profession drizzled with a balsamic jus, served over a sweet potato mash, asparagus tips and roasted new red potatoes.,Veg medley or mashed potatoes.


1.Served all with choices with an exotic garlic cilantro lime roasted potatoes ,fresh cooked Mushrooms and more.

2.can be Served with roasted fresh herb round potatoes and baby glazed carrots.and broccolini or more.

3.Can be served with grilled peppers, asparagus and rice pilaf or more, bed of garlic mashed potatoes and fresh mixed vegetables,with garlic red skin mashed potato and medley of vegetables or more.

4.Served with Parmesan mashed potatoes with glazed baby carrots and asparagus sautéed in lemon butter or more.

These are just basic menus and side dishes to help you get going.They all can be customized and more options available can be customized to anything you like from gibeauchefservices home chef service,"looking for more selections "? I'll be happy to meet you to design your custom menu of your choice)


1.New York style cheesecake with fruit topping.

2.Pecan pie served with bourbon chocolate sauce.

3.Mango, passion fruit and raspberry sorbetto in white 4.chocolate, served with fresh fruit and raspberry coulis

5.Vanilla and chocolate gelato covered with dark chocolate, served with strawberry coulis and fresh fruit

6.Chocolate gelato on a chocolate cookie, topped with caramel, pralines, coated in chocolate,served with a caramel sauce, garnished with fresh fruits.

The magic happens dining at your table..